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May 10, 2011



Islam is the most religion of  Indonesia. And the majority of  Indonesians is muslim. But Indonesia is not Islamic country but country of  law, so wisdom and regulation of country are established by law of  country. Islam is submission that muslim will do all of commands from god (Allah) and avoid all of prohibitions from god (Allah). Islam has two essential components they are Aqidah and Syariah. And Islam has five pillars they are saying with conviction “Asyhadu an Lailaha illa Allah wa Asyhadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah), praying, giving zakat, fasting for month of  Ramadhan and pilgrimage to Mekkah. And Islam has Islamic sistem of relationship they are relationship is between human beings with the creator (Allah), relationship is between personal affairs of individual and relationship is between personal with the area. Indonesia is rich country of  natural resources, arts and cultures. Culture is product off creative forces, feelings and intentions. And Indonesia has many kinds of culture they are specialty of dancing of regionalism, specialty of song of regionalism, specialty musical instrument of regionalism, and customs and traditions. Example: the culture of ponorogo is “Reok Ponorgo”, the culture of  Madura Island is “Racing Cow” and the culture of  Bali is Cremation, etc. Islam had a close relationship with culture. As we know that holy pople whom we call by name is “Wali Songo” distributed Islam used culture. Example: Sunan Kalijaga teached Islam used a wayang performances, etc. So we are as muslims have to do all of regulations of Syariah of Islam, and we are as Indonesians have to keep and environment cultures of Indonesia.


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